Blender internal - Noisy reflections, don't know how to fix...

Here is an image.

See how the reflection is noisy?
The ray-tracer is at 64 samples and it looks no different than 16 samples did…

Any help on how to clear this up?

What is your Material->Mirror->Gloss:Amount setting ?If it’s < 1.0 you will get blurry reflections, the more < 1.0 it is the more diffuse, blurry they get.

What is your Material->Mirror->Gloss:Amount value for that material?

If it is <1.0 you get blurry reflection, the closer to 0.0 the more blurry, diffuse the reflections will be.

Uhhh. There is not much information to go on. The circumstances that most likely it seems is that 1) you are using BI, 2) you activated Mirror property and 3) set gloss amount to less that 1. Making the gloss amount less than one makes the reflections rough. However rough reflection it requires a lot of samples to clear properly. The less the gloss amount is the higher the required samples. If that is the case you really need to increase the samples. Try 128 or 256.