Blender internal particle fade

Is it possible to make particles fade in blender internal?

There’s a “particle info” node that works great in cycles but doesn’t appear to work in internal.
You can also control particles’ size over lifetime using a particle texture. But there doesn’t appear to be a way to influence the material.

Is it possible to change the particles’ color or alpha over lifetime?

Yes, it’s possible. Here’s a basic node setup:

Be sure to turn on transparency in ‘Render Pipeline Options’ in the material tab (on the right in the image, under the material preview).

This setup will fade the particles over their lifetime. You can use the other particle info sockets to control material attributes with other values. Particle Location, Velocity, and Angular Velocity (the blue sockets) each contain 3 values, so they might behave differently than you expect.

Not sure why, but this won’t work with line particles.

Yes, that does work, thank you!

Do you have an example of how to get the same effect in cycles? I’m having some issues getting it working properly.

EDIT: Nevermind, got it working. Set up below, to fade particles over lifetime.