Blender internal render quality

I don’t usually use blender for rendering images much anymore as I work alot with the game engine. but now I decided to switch back to animation and just got irretated when I looked at the quality of the render.

I render the basic scene and the lines of the cubes are really bad. they do not look smooth lines.

Could some one help me in fixing this problem please.


You are rendering the final image at too small a size. In 2.5, select the “Render Icon” then you can adjust the images render size. I am very happy with the render engine in 2.5.


no this is in blender 2.49b

Don’t use jpg or any other lossy image format (I believe the default image format) and set the image size appropriately

Possibly also check that it’s rendering on 100% and not 50% or 25%

lastly check that the sampling is not on Mitch or Catrom, and if it is reduce it to.5 and boost the anti-aliasing sample rate (esp. Catrom)

What lines? low resolution shadow stair like gradient or just low res image visible pixels of contrast edges, if last then use hi res.