Blender Internal Render (Radiosity)

Hello, I am going through some tutorials and documentation on radiosity. So far I have a basic understanding, but could someone answer this. I am using the Blender Internal Render Engine and I have setup a simple cornel box. Everything works as it should without any light source other than the emitting objects. However no shadows are cast. I know I can add a lamp and use it to only cast shadows, but before I work with that, is there something I am missing on basic radiosity? Should there be shadows? The tutorial I looked through is the documentation and no light sources are added but the cornel box has shadows cast. Any input would be helpful.

I use radiosity very rarely, but I have just done a trial right now with a cornell box and few objects, and there are shadows…
Strange !
You could try to lower the number of iterations… but do not set it to 0.

make sure shadows are enabled of course for the material receiving the shadow. maybe, Roubal, you could post your blend for OP to see how it’s done.

Don’t you need dense meshes to work with Radiosity? Try subdividing your meshes a couple of times.