Blender internal renderer transparency isn't showing in render.

Basically the Blender renderer isn’t showing the transparency.

Basically… Again?!?
Learn to teach self and use Search.

Then start by Explaining your problem.
Answer to: What? How? Why? Where?
Accompanied by imagery, visual presentation, references… and most preferable: YOUR SCENE FILE!

Also, do some reading…
Blender Reference Manual
Sticky: How to Be a Positive Member of the Blender Community (don’t be a fanboy)
Sticky: Mistakes New CG Artists Make
Sticky: Advertising for help - Commercial & Non-commercial. Read this first!
… and watching video tutorials.

Have a g’day!

“Are you sure you’re not a troll?” :eyebrowlift:


Here is the Blend file

Textures missing. Ah, well…

Dear, whatever kid!

Start by learning skills how to find help, i.e. searching the web!

Some prime results:

Then also get to know: How to embed textures into a .blend file?

Info > File > External Data > Pack all into blend

or for a specific image/texture: Open image in UV Editor > Image > Pack Image

Tho, before anything of this can be applicable, you should also learn about UV Mappings, since you have Coordinates set to UV without map being unwrapped (for starters just set to Generated - done). While already set Influence for Diffuse, Alpha & Blend: Multiply…

Yes you really need to start with basics. Read the manual. Know about computer science and graphics.
Also work harder on your communication skills.

Have fun.

Here’s the improved file.

As noted… Under Influence check Alpha and set Blend to Multiply :eyebrowlift: