Blender Internships

Hi,I need the help of someone that has searched it more efficiently than me.

I am searching for european companies/studios that might offer internship positions for students.I like Blender so it would be nice if this is the software I would use.But even if blender is not an option then perhaps something that connects with gaming/animation/3d modelling.I ve been searching for a couple of days and have failed to find any somewhere else than India.

Also,are there MASTERs for similar subjects that use blender as software?And which universities do that?

Thanks in advance! i think this university has some Masters in game development and 3D animation. You should check that out!

Well, if my Indiegogo campaign succeeds, internships might be an option. I’ll promise there won’t be any coffee cooking involved.
Haunt, Germany

here at estudio pintamonos we’re always open to receive new interns who can hopefully work on blender and that have a little knowledge of maya and ae.
the only thing is we’re in Southamerica… :stuck_out_tongue:

@haunt_house give me a link of the campaign or some more info :stuck_out_tongue:

@electronicpulse thanks for the reply,and let alone the area and the no-previous exp,I am looking for an internship that has an education part too.I mean I get to be taught first the parts that I will later on work too.Something like all those engineering internships where you get like 4 months-1 semester of lessons and you work the rest days till the end of year on what you 've learned.And if this does not exist,that is why I am asking for universities also.

Well, I can’t say I’m proud of the shape the campaign is in. Never mind the money, that’s beside the point. The pitch video isn’t done, it’s not as transparent as I’d like it to be and there need to be more videos and more graphics. Sorry, my situation is grave, that’s why I’m so slow. But it’s definitely worth following. And I improve it further. Then I contact everyone I know and every 3D-agency I can find on the net. I bet 20 days are enough to ram this through.

So remember: That’s the least I can do, not the most.

I do not intend to quit, nor do I intend to stop.


@alexpelea I checked your link thanks.
@haunt_house this is not something ready,but I get what you are saying.Thanks for replying.

That’s why I used the word IF in the first post. I sometimes choose my words with caution.

But it will be successful. And you haven’t given any time frame so far. Didn’t sound like you have to start next week.


My bad,it might came out wrong,let me expand.I have no time frame but I am searching for things that happened before again so I can evaluate it my own way and see what I like.If a university has a master or something else like lessons about this,I can find opinions on how that went.If someone is recruiting via internships and has done so in the past,I can also find some opinions.But I can’t evaluate something that just starts and is about to happen.Hope it explains some things.