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(Korchy) #1

I made a few tips-tutorials in my blog

may be useful for some one )

ps: sorry for my english )

(Korchy) #2

Using external IDE PyCharm for writing Blender scripts

(Korchy) #3

Creating Blender add-on

(EnV) #4

Hi Korchy,
interesting stuff, thanks for posting.

(Korchy) #5

Thanks for watching!

(Korchy) #6

Creating panels for placing Blender add-ons user interface (UI)

(Korchy) #7

Creating Blender Add-ons variables with values saved in blend-files

(Korchy) #8

Setting render border coordinates

(thedaemon) #9

I’ll check them out. Thanks.

(Korchy) #10

2 thedaemon

(Benny G) #11

Thanks , looks good .:eyebrowlift:

(Korchy) #12

2 Benny G
Thanks! )

(Korchy) #13

In search of ideal sphere

(Korchy) #14

Creating multifile add-on for Blender

(Korchy) #15

Blender add-ons development code reuse with symbolic links

(BiggR) #16

I just checked your site and saw the tut on how to create your own HDRI. DAMN. I never knew you could do that! Very cool :slight_smile:

(Korchy) #17

2 BiggR,
Thanks and welcome! )

(Korchy) #18

Combining color and clay renders

(Korchy) #19

How to copy a single modifier to multiple objects

(existentia) #20

Fascinating page. I added the RSS feed to my reader list. Thanks for this.