Blender Into A real Movie

Hello every one,

I know I have been asking a lott latly but I am woring on a big project. and I walk into all kindes of problems.

I want to Export a Blender animation (of a alien) into a movie of some people dancing. (MEANING: I’M TRYING TO RE-CREATE THE MIB CLIP).
So I know ther is a posibility of rendering now background in blender so you can open a edeting program and just put the clip over the real footage. and its don. (in thad way you don’t have to key the background out) How can I do thad??
(please give a detild discription, I’m not a pro :wink: )

So I know ther is a posibility of rendering now background in blender so you can open a edeting program and just put the clip over the real footage (sic)
Depending on what you want to do, you may need just to mount the animation over a real clip using Alpha Over in the sequencer and match lighting, or learn motion tracking, chroma keying, lots of rotoscoping and nodes.

Either way, the subject is broad enough (and sufficiently discussed online elsewhere) for it to be practical to write a guide in a post as a response.

Tell you what: tell us precisely what it is that you want to do (does the monster dance in the foreground or the background? is the camera moving or not? etc.) and people might give you some pointers as to what to research, or even some useful links. Then you will have to learn how it’s done through the Blender manual and perhaps some tutorials.

Oké, The camera doesn’t move.
and the alien need to be in the forground.
so I could set the background to Green. and key it out later. but that doesn’t work so good. (you get ugly egges etc.)
Before I post this I surtst they internet for a solution. If this subject is alreddy out there I didn’t find it.:frowning:

So can anyone post a link maybe?

Hi - I would not bother creating a green background; just export it with alpha to start with (so ensure you’ve got alpha selected in the render settings and that your output format supports this; f.i. png. Also make sure you’ve got RGBA (RGB with Alpha) selected).

It works! In so glad to see there are people with more skill, Who want to help Beginners like mee.:yes:

Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!:smiley:

Yes, mzungu haz google skillz.

Its Nice to have People Who want help you.

über-l33t searchin’ fool, that’s me! :D:evilgrin::smiley:

@thproducties: just a not-so-subtle message to say “the wiki helps those who help themselves.” Besides the little pointers already given by COJL and photvid, your needed task has been done, documented and asked about a bunch of times before. Actually BA has a pretty good search engine which will dig up a bunch of knowledge history on this topic. Work those searches, dig thru the info, try things out yourself, see what you learn. Then, if you still have specific questions, post in the appropriate forum here. You’ll find much more respect if you’ve gone to the effort yourself before asking for handouts. (And a spell-check wouldn’t hurt, either.)


I was helping you with thad last message… so why attacking me now??

is really useful for me, I am glad to read it here.