Blender Intro Logo

primaries are fluid/compositer nodes/sequencer

I made it this over the course of yesterday night and this morning because I was slightly bored, and I had the idea kicking around, anyhow. The music was by me, too, because hey–I had the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not Bad, this is pretty nice, put maybe you should work a bit on the logo itself.
I really like the sound, nice mood. You are a talented compositor.

it’s nice! (allthough i don’t like the font:p)
The water is pure fluid sim? how did you do the soft-water-wrinkels before the drop falls in?
The defocus at the end is super!
nice use of color also.

Nice, very serene and smooth-looking. But yeah, the logo’s not exactly accurate, and the font could be more… .artistic… maybe if you converted it to a mesh and resized/rotated the letters… or something… you know what I mean. Right now it kind of looks like default insert type thing, as if you added it in windows movie maker.
But other than that, I like it. I would be interested in seeing the nodes:eyebrowlift:.

[Funny you should do this; I just did a blender intro too! (focused critique) Not hijacking your thread… just remarking :wink: I guess canadians like intros :eyebrowlift2:]

ColeZero: I don’t know if you meant compositor or composer, but either way, thanks. I’m only an amateur, though.

Thanks. :] In fact, the water is not a pure fluid sim. The first bit was a couple of wave modifiers set at different times and angles to each other. I used the sequencer and nodes to work in the artificial raytracing with the real tracing in the fluid sim.

Blenditall: In fact, since you mention it, I’ve modeled the logo completely properly before, the change above was a matter of choice to reflect the muted ambience, though if I ever do include that particular shot at the beginning of something, I will most likely clean the model up a bit, and give it a bit of form and texture (rusty metal, I dunno, anyway: test forum for the win)

I could make the text 3d, but there’s a fine line between artistic and tacky. :stuck_out_tongue: It did react in that it rippled in the water, and snap out of focus when the water drop hit. I figure that any more spinning and rotating and funky jiving and crazy depth would make it look horrifyingly out of place. The colour could be unified, though, and I’d probably do a slight scale-in if I did it again.

I’m really sorry, by the way. I’m aware that I come across sounding ungrateful about your advice, but in this case they were choices. The over-all quality was probably affected by the fact that this took about half a day to do, renders and all, but if I did it again, I’d do it the exact same way, just a little cleaner.

Also, the nodes are nothing special, but I could probably get a shot up at some time.

EDIT: I saw your intro, btw. It was l337.

Hahaha whoops, yupp i meant composer. I really like the music.
btw. How did you do it or which software did you use?