Blender invisible objects glitch

Hi, I am using blender 2.62 and i have created a skinned rag doll. I have also set up multiple cameras (player camera, vehicle camera etc). When every any of these cameras look directly at the skinned ragdoll, it goes invisible. Whenever I play the game without looking through the cameras, it is visible. Does anyone have a solution?

is the object within the camera limits?

This happened to me quite alot. The only solution I could do (I think) was to delete the camera(s) then add new cameras in the place of the old one. (Hope you could understand that :)) If that doesn’t work, try making the clipping higher whilst selecting the camera
(Camera > Object Data , then you should see Clipping).

Yeah, check camera clipping

yep, its definitely in the camera limits. Sometimes, I can see see the skinned ragdoll with any of the cameras but that’s only if I aim the camera indirectly at it, so I can only see it in the edge of the screen.

So, anyone else have a working solution?

Well, ive visited the link and tried out the script but its still not working :frowning:

Can you post a screenshot of your camera settings, or a blend file that we can test?

What script?

Just make sure your skin mesh remains inside the bounding box.

Ok uploaded my .blend file

Well, the rag doll vanishes when I am looking at it (including the collision boxes) however, it is only visible rarely at some extreme angles at specific positions through the cameras. And I am guessing that script was for the rag doll in that other post.

It looks like if the mesh is in view originally, then it will remain visible. Otherwise, it seems to stay invisible. So, I would recommend that you revise how your mesh is set up, particularly where its center is. It could be a camera frustum occlusion problem, where the camera stops drawing the mesh because its center is ‘off-screen’ even though the mesh should be, or will be visible. One thing I noticed was that moving your armature was impossible - why was that?

The reason why is impossible to move the armatures is because I use constraints to make ragdolls so each bones have 2 constraints: copy rotation and copy location so that the bone copy the rotation and location of the cubes which are the collision for the ragdoll. Can you please tell me what you mean that I should revise how my mesh is setup?

Well, frustum culling occurs when an object’s bounding box moves away from the camera’s field of view. You could try ensuring that the mesh stays with the armature, or that its center is moving as usual, and not being left behind. I’m not sure if this is the error, though.

No matter what I try it doesn’t work :frowning: looks like I have to remake the rag doll which will take a while.