(KarbonCopy) #1

Is there a main Blender IRC chat?

if not would people use one if i made it?
IT would be a more effective way to get support and stuff.

If i’m gonna make it does anyone have any suggestions as to a server to host it? DALnet?

(cluh) #2

There is one. It’s #blenderchat on the openprojects server. I think there is #blenderQA if you’re looking for help with blender.

(Hos) #3

#blenderqa on ia a good place
to go if you want help with blender, if you want to
help others with blender, or if you want to enjoy
strictly blender-related chatting. If you just want to
hang out and chat about life, there is #blenderchat.


(Goofster) #4

#BlenderQA isn’t the best place to go for help. oficially it doesnt exist anymore. this is because the channel was empty all the time. but you can ask questions in #blenderchat.


(Hos) #5

Just out of curiousity, where does this “official” non-status come from?
I wasn’t aware that there were “official” designations for channels.


(Green) #6

Sure, if you don’t mind waiting for your answer for 2hours go to #blenderqa.

if you actually want your questions answered go to #blenderchat.

#blenderqa seams to have about 2-4 people in it and no real conversation about anything (including blender).

When we split #blender3d up into #blenderchat and #blenderqa it was because we had gotten allot of very new people that irritated us old users because they never talked about blender and acted somewhat childishly.

I think this has gotten better now and I again feel that I can spend time in #blenderchat without getting irritated.

It was our hope that #blenderchat would be as #blender3d was at the time and all blender related chat would be in #blenderqa so it wouldn’t be drowned out by the off topic chatter.

It worked ok at first but then people got sick of it and started asking questions in #blenderchat again (much like many users predicted when we did this at first)

Right now very few of the original #blender3d users come to #blenderchat (or qa). But I suppose this is to be expected, nothing lasts forever, least of all on the internet. Change is inevitable.

So, some of the ops on #blenderchat decided that it would be a good idea to just use #blenderchat as #blenderqa was pointless and the quality of blender talk on #blenderchat was getting better. However skywriter didn’t think so and right now he seams filled with some sort of hatred towards… well, pretty much anything related to the blender community. And he is the owner of #blenderqa and he doesn’t want to shut it down.

Thats fine with me.

(Hos) #7

Hey Green – thanks for the soap opera.

Maybe if some of the #blenderqa operators actually spent time
helping people in #blenderqa instead of holding thier noses high
in #oldfarts, the channel might have been more successful.
In any event, it would have been nice if the people who decided
to declare it “closed” asked the people who were actually
using the channel. “El perro del hortelano, que ni come ni
deja comer”.

Anyways, the upshot is #blenderqa is open, and if folks want to
ask questions in an environment where they don’t have to
compete trout slapping contests they might find it worthwhile.
Yes, you might have to wait a while for your question to be
answered, but that’s the way it goes. (Ring your bell on
your irc client if you think you’ve been waiting an excessively
long time – some of us are busy blending!)


(basse) #8

what is this trout slapping anyways?
I have always wondered about it…


(Timothy) #9

That’s exactly the point, there were NO people using it. The channel was SILENT. Besides from the occasional Blender user comming in looking for help, just to find out noone was there to help them.

(Hos) #10

Well, obviously some people were using it or it would have stayed
shut upon your royal decree. Just because you weren’t using it doesn’t
mean others shouldn’t.

But anyways, if folks prefer a lower traffic, lower babble, higher sanity
place to get blender help, then #blenderqa is the place to go! Tell `em
Hos sent ya and get 2 questions answered for the price of one! :wink:
If you want to talk about fart jokes, your webcam, or play the
“Lets-Change-Our-Nick-Every-30-Seconds” game I would highly
recommend #blenderchat.


(Timothy) #11

dude I have the logs of #blenderQA and NOONE was using it at all. Infact skywriter who opened the channel again hadn’t been in for over 2 weeks.

(theeth) #12

You’re making it sounds like that all that ever happens in #blenderchat, and you know as well as I do that it’s not the case.


(PhaethonH) #13

One of the most common IRC clients for Windows is mIRC. I have never used this (but rather irssi (, but based on wild guesses, mIRC has a “slap” command that is just a canned alias of the “action” (aka “me”) command with specific word placements to verbally apply a trout to the target. Why a trout in particular, I have no idea. Probably some kind of inside joke by mIRC’s author(s?).

(system) #14

I don’t get it… if there is only 1 channel left after the split from blender3d to blenderchat and blenderQA then why was this done in the first place? I had alot of fun in blender3d. Now I hear that after some ‘newbees’ decided to make Chat and QA the QA is dead???
Let’s reinstate blender3d then shall we? Or do I really care…?