Blender IRIX Theme + Icons

Hi there!

Here’s a theme I did and I thought it might be useful to some people. It’s really sweet for the eyes and very nice for people that work in blender for long periods of time.

The icons are the ones made from jimmac, combined with the 2.48 iconset (because some icons were missing). I modified the numbers and changed the font to Sans on the iconfile.

Icon File:

Install on Windows:
Create an icons directory under .blender and copy the file there (don’t forget the extension).
Install on Linux:
Create .blender/icons under your $HOME directory. Copy the icon file there, again, don’t forget the extension.

To choose the icon theme, go to your User Preferences, choose UI and Buttons, then choose Icon File from the dropdown menu. There you’ll see a dropdown, and you’ll be able to choose your iconfile from there.


The fusion between the 2 themes can be found in this xcf (gimp) file:

The .B.blend link is below. On windows copy it to your .blender directory. If you want to extract the theme from the current .B.blend, click on File > Export > Save Current Theme.

The theme can be downloaded here. Copy it to your .blender/scripts directory.

Wow, that does look pretty. I’ll give it a go.

Installed, looks lovely, thanks!.. I had to switch to the old icons tho – I’m old.

Sexy. I’ll end up using this I think. Though I doubt there are many here that have seen/used Irix before… Just myself and tbc++ to my knowledge.

Very nice theme, although I’m so used to the old icons I’ll probably continue to use them. For fellow Mac OS X users, to change your icons create a folder .blender/icons in your user’s folder (similar to the instructions for Linux) and drop the .png file there. After doing this, my Blender icons automatically changed (using Blender 2.48a official).

This theme is exceedingly sexy. I do believe I’ll be using it from now on, and thanks for uploading it!