blender irregular mesh

How to simply convert mesh number 1 to mesh number 2 ?

Sculpting, Dyntopo, Fill are the keywords.

Where’s the catch? This looks not much different.
While Blender script part needs some rework, Delaunay triangulation code is still where you linked. Guess Coding or Addons subforums could have more of it.

You can get irregular mesh triangularization by setting a Decimator modifier on the plane 1, decrease the value of the decimation slowly until about 0.7. If you set the decimation too low you might start getting artifacts & overlappings , apply it first with values between 0.7 and 1 , subdivide and repeat the process if needed for a better control.

Looks like this is only way for now

I’m using Blender 2.72. I wish to develop dynamic cloth for use in a programme external to Blender (i.e., Poser) and have found that delaunay-type mesh deforms generally better than quad-type mesh. So, an even delaunay mesh is the goal. I can’t afford Marvelous Designer (this generates delaunay mesh), which is over-kill for what I wish to accomplish.
I’m a bit slow, so need a bit more detail in order to do this right. :slight_smile:

Started by modelling a skirt, ended up with a square mesh, such:

I know, nothing flash. :wink:
So, following your instructions, I Add Modifier -> Decimate and end up with this:

Now, the tricky bit… I want to end up with a nice, even triangulated mesh, which your statement “decrease the value of the decimation slowly until about 0.7” appears to address. So, I’m going to tick [x]Triangulate, obviously and then, enter what, exactly, for ratio?


Also, if I select a vertex group, then click the <-> thingie next to it, it looks different again:


“apply it first with values between 0.7 and 1 , subdivide and repeat the process if needed for a better control”

So, let’s say I set it at .9, go to object mode, apply, then re-do the above steps, I get:

Not ideal.

What am I doing wrong?

How about this then?

Takes roughly subdivided and proportionally scaled cylinder and dyntopo sculpt mode where you can triangulate like this using slider value and button click.

Elegant, Eppo! And this solution is where?

Post #2 :D.
Take object to Sculpt mode, switch on Dyntopo, look for the Relative detail and change that to Constant. You’ll get Detail Flood button - set percentage to something around 3 to 10%. Might need to brush slightly with Smooth brush around.

Perfect, Eppo! You’re a legend!!! :yes:

nice tip (poser user too) RV I had a trick in hex triangulate then subD sorta gave a Delaunay “style” mesh
that or poke then subD didn’t work as expected in blender so look forward to trying it this way
agree the Delaunay works better in posers cloth room

maybe one of the python gurus might make a subd mod with Delaunay as an option (although it can make symmetry a thing of the past lol ) maybe a warning “once you hit this theres no way BACK” rofl