Blender is a Crap!!!(Sure, it isnt :-D)

try speaking nicely to it in German, since it is a Dutch program. Here, have a look at how this kid made out: He seemed to have success.

  1. What os are u using? a 32 bit or 64 bit? how much memory do you have? Because it really does sound like it crashes because of running out of memory.
  2. Why would u convert the particles into a mesh? again memory issues and horrible framerates awaits + longer renders…
  3. Try reading about particles. I do think some have made some video tutorials about making grass etc.
  4. Don’t always blame the program for ur own mistakes…

1 winXP 32bit, 2gb ram
2. Cause, the yafaray dont know how to render particles - only meshes (duuno why)

Yeah, Dutch folks love the Germans so much, they even speak their language! :ba:

Why not download the Big Buck Bunny project files or something?

blender is a trap!

He is not rendering in Blender though so this will be of limited help to him. He made the grass in Blender and converted them to mesh objects so that he could export and render them in Yafaray. This probably pushed up his object count and consumed a lot of memory which is why his export times were long and his render bombed out. I could be wrong but I don’t think Yafaray has a primitive for hair so you have to export meshes instead so a pc with plenty of ram is what you would need.

I loled :smiley:

Hello yokozuna404,

please don´t say blender is crap…, just google around and search some tutorials for
grass (there are several good ones out there)…

I guess while you´ve converted the particles in blender, your computer run out of memory…

Here´s a good looking blendfile with grass, rendered in yafaray:

Here you can download the blendfile, have a look at it and learn:

HTH, Olaf.

@olaf – that looks AWESOME!! I too will download and learn from it, as you clearly seem to know what yer doing! =)

yeah blender does crash but i cant see how its blenders fault…
probably your computers crap! Blender is well good and is free… so i cant see why you have to complain, cuz blender cant give you anymore,… but if you dont like it then buy somit else that costs a few thousend pounds.

I heard Maya’s price got lowered. Ah! Fuck it! :slight_smile: Torrent all the way.


This thread should probably read: “My computer is a Crap!!!” instead. Get a new box with a 64 bit OS and lots of RAM if you want to make such scenes, otherwise look into cheats and more efficient workflows.

The support area of the forum is below, which is where this belongs.

Thanks for sorting this mess out Richard Culver.

I agree with the others that you should try learning the particle settings and then seeing if you can get grass. Also it’s a good idea to calm down a little before you post a rant on a forum.

Sneg: Good luck trying to post at CGTalk then, not only would they ban you for using a pirated version of Maya but they might get you prosecuted in court too.

How the heck would they find out anyway? (unless you are stupid enough to say it out loud)

Sneg: Good luck trying to post at CGTalk then, not only would they ban you for using a pirated version of Maya but they might get you prosecuted in court too.

You missed the essence of my post. You’re probably in the group of people who rage at endi.

Ace Dragon is right, your jumping too far ahead. you should take it slow and not skip stages that might be important to your task