Blender IS a toy(and tool)

I do not mean toy as in something for children. I mean it in a different context.
I use Blender for modeling, and game developing. I got interested to a proposal recently about a new UI that’s easy to use.

It came to my attention that the UI proposal had flaws for flexibility. (Even though shortcut keys help).
But, that’s what I am here to talk about - Even though I do think Blender should clean their interface more so that new users wouldn’t look at the program and then uninstall it. There’s a quote that annoys me.

“The UI should be complicated so that new users know it’s not a toy.” Said an audience individual. — I found this on the “Andrew Price - Improving Blender’s UI” video.

So, what I have to say about this is…I don’t really wanna say negative things about this person and those who think about them. But, the logic is really thin behind that comment.

Blender is a toy. For people who want to make a 3D project. Like a model, a game, a movie. Whatever they want - new artists are accepted! It’s a free program with generous developers who rely on donations on improving the software. Do not misinform them by saying Blender is only for professionals or serious people. You’re going to see many, many things made with Blender and you can like it or not. It’s for people’s enjoyment.

I love Blender a lot. But seriously, Blender is a toy. :eyebrowlift:

I would have to disagree, I think that Blender shouldn’t be classified as a toy. It should be classified as a tool. Sure, you can play around with it and do fun things but a toy is something that is just for enjoyment. You don’t see professional musicians using a small xylophone built for a baby in a concert.

And if you are going to download a tool for 3D modeling and uninstall it because it looks confusing than I think that falls on the user, not the program’s creators. And no-one is saying that it’s ONLY for professionals. “Blender is Free and Open Source Software. Free to use for any purpose, forever.” -

Also Andrew Price made that video in October of 2013 and has gone back in some of his videos and talked about it. (Not sure which one though sorry.) But that video isn’t as relevant as it was back then. My whole point is that Blender is a free tool for anyone who wants to use it, and I would have to say that it isn’t a toy.

I consider Autodesk 123D apps toys. Blender is a professional tool.

Fact is the UI makes it sometimes hard to learn when there is no good documentation
or entry tutorial. Otherwise the UI has no issues it is just often not efficient - to much mouse movement
or over the screen scattered panels.

Andrew pointed out one (in my opinion that was the only valid point) that for example only
the property panel shows dimensions of an object but not the object property buttons menu.

Andrew Price proposal was to simplify UI in a way that was corresponding to his needs.
But his proposal was breaking other professionnal workflows.
It was cool ideas for an illustrator but a completely non sense proposal for a rigger or an animator.
Have you already open a blenderCAM build ? Do you think it is compatible with AP proposal ?

Hiding settings because you don’t understand their use can satisfy you.
It does not mean that make sense to hide Blender’s potential to every person able or not to understand it.

i tried to learn three programs, which are 3ds max, blender, cinema 4d, and they all was on the same level of difficulty for me, blender was confusing when i first started it, but after reading through the documentation i found that the reason why Blender feel confusing at the start is because it have a unique way of doing things unlike other programs which emulate each other alot, but once you learn the blender way of doing things, every thing will be natural afterword

One man’s tool is another man’s toy. What’s your point?

Isn’t this shitposting? It’s not going to welcome any discussion that will get anywhere. This was posted to get a rise.

If we’re gonna talk about thin logic, I faffed around in Maya for two years before switching to Blender. I got paid while using Blender. Maya? Never once.

You know why? Time. That’s it! I wasn’t as experienced with 3d in general when I used Maya as I was with blender. I could have been using anything, honestly.

Is it that time of the year again?

My point - no introduction documentation or tutorial is there which makes it harder to understand Blender at first.

Otherwise I fully agree, there are many apps I know and work with Blender is not that much harder.

Often users also confuse technical ability with hard to learn. 3D modeling like Ton said is a tough complex topic.

Otherwise love SketchUp and cubes.

My only immediate question here is this.

Do you think a mere toy would be able to produce all of these stunning works in the Finished Projects forum (and these are just in the last 100 days)?

That doesn’t even go into the professional-grade animated shorts like Caminendas (produced by people who really know Blender inside and out). The one thing to note is that Blender is indeed capable providing you have built up enough knowledge and skill on its usage (and it’s a total falsehood to think that a “professional application” means you make stunning work with it from day 1).

Blender needs to be learned like every other application, and a major reason for Blender’s complexity is the overall complexity of 3D in general.

OK, Blender is both a tool and a toy.
What do I mean by this?
It can help make incredible things, and it’s also used to be played with.

What I mean by toy which some of you are offended by. I don’t understand why. But it’s opened for anyone who wants to toy with Blender and make whatever they want. It’s a free amazing program - it’s for everyone. Anyone can learn it if they took the time to. HOWEVER, the person who made the comment saying that the UI should be complicated to let new users know it’s not a toy is an attack on new users. It is a toy for whoever looks at it as a toy. It is a tool whoever look at it as a tool.

Be considerate when it comes to new users.

…Get out.

I am calling BS unless you show me some evidence

Tool, Toy, I don’t see the big deal… Pros use it as a tool, amateur use it as a toy, same as every piece of software on earth…
I play with Logic Pro X on my Mac from time to time. I’m far from being a musician… Are you saying that because someone like me use it that Logic Pro X isn’t a tool but a toy?

Of course not. I didn’t mean any harm to people who use it with care. I never said it wasn’t a tool. I just said it were a toy, but it’s both. My point were getting at that it’s meant for anyone with whatever use. Professional use or amateur. Serious or fun. shrug But people are easily offensive these days about everything and want to accuse me of trying to shit post which I weren’t(and mind you, a moderator accepted this post so it’s fine). I was trying to welcome new-users and block out the haters, but a lot of responses seem like haters than people who are welcomed to the new-users.

@Joseph. I don’t have to show you proof of work, but I did posted a work-in-progress game in the appropriate thread called Reflected Fate. Don’t be a butt for no reason.

I was priming my pitchforks and torches on the sight of the title,

clicked on the thread, getting ready to post a comment so imature along the lines of “no, you’re a toy”. Only to find that it’s another UI thread…

Welp, now we are entering the realms of semantics (what’s the meaning of things said or left unsaid), status/authority (toy-casual/hobbist not serious/lack of knowledge, capabilities) vs. (professional - serious/lot of knowledge, capabilities), purpose (intention of the creator) vs. (intention of the user) and of course all sorts of emotions as a major generator of noise on the Internet.

For what you use Blender it’s up to you. For instance, you can use it as a zip archiver and pack pdf’s, e-books in .blend files. As long as you don’t harm, tell others what to do I shouldn’t care. Concerning complex systems, the whole truth is a statistical category anyway.

You’re going to see many, many things made with Blender and you can like it or not. It[<-Blender?]'s for people’s enjoyment.

[The last paragraph in general.]

I’m confused here. Is a toy something everybody can use? Something that you use purely for enjoyment? Everyone can use an AK and some people use Kalashnikovs for enjoyment. Are guns toys though? Is it wrong to be enjoying yourself when modelling? Not all freeware is bad and Blender is most certainly the exception.
What makes Blender a toy?

Either I’m extremely confused right now or there’s something very fishy going on with that last paragraph.

What makes Blender a toy?
Because some people use it for fun. It’s not a hard concept.

I had a reason for my response to you, I saw someone with less then 10 posts who is posting troll bait flame war material.
If you want to be treated in such a way that you will be respected. Then act in such a way as to be respected.
If you are going to flame bait then don’t blame the other person because they barked at you.

But hay, I’ll give you points for doing something. Although quite frankly if you want some personal advice from one asshole to another. Get someone else to do your PR work for you. You are your own worst enemy.