Blender is being sold on Ebay!

While looking for an unrelated item, I found this on eBay.

I know it’s legal, it just makes me mad. Selling Blender contradicts the very foundation of Open Source software.

I’m one of the suckers who bought it last year on ebay! But to be honest i’m glad cause i would never have come across it or known about it - so kinda delighted that whoever is trying to flogg it did so

yeah, this was on blendernation about a year ago

its known:

If you look at his feedback he sells all open source programs like gimp and he advertises them as adobe replacements like he sells gimp and calls it a photoshop replacement.
and look at his feedback

Recent Feedback Ratings (last 12 months)

1 month	6 months	12 months	
Positive	60	475	632
Neutral	0	2	2
Negative	0	2	5

GIMP still has a ways to go to beat Photoshop to my knowledge, the main advantage GIMP has is tons of free high quality plugins made by users.

Blender can be sold, but if you come across it, tell others you can get it for free. This has happened several times before.

No. It doesn’t contradict anything at all, except perhaps your misunderstanding of Free software.

I can assure you that Richard Stallman is, if nothing else, completely unambiguous about his intentions and beliefs. If he had a problem with software being sold, the GNU GPL would state that software so licensed could not be sold. Instead, it says this:
Take a look. It’s really a very interesting document.

Actually, it’s one of the places i first read about it too :smiley: i’m okay with it, cause it’s sold for 99 cents usually, get’s peeps involved, and shows off the best aspects of it. i’d hate it if i had been suckered though :smiley:

Selling Blender is legal, but using the images of artists without their express permission in order to advertise a product is not. Maybe we should bring that to his attention? :evilgrin: