Blender is blending my models?

Originally posted on the blender forums (new user, didn’t know what I was doing, still don’t, forgive me?)

Greetings all,

I have been fiddling…okay…‘trying really hard’ to get to grips with blender running through the tutorials and such. I really like the new Blender version, but there’s one thing that’s bugging me.

The vertices seem to be automatically ripping themselves from another plane. For instance, if I use the loop cut tool (Ctrl + R) or sometimes I don’t even need to do anything, I simply click and drag a vertices and it ‘rips’ from the rest of the model. Leaving me with an extra vertices that I didn’t need and a very uncomfortable looking chair (as I happened to be modelling).

Is this something that’s supposed to happen or just a beta bug? In the mean time, I don’t believe it does this in the stable release, so I’ll be downgrading for a while. (Unless I’m missing something really obvious >.<)



Apparently this is an inherited problem. As 2.49 also does the same thing.

I use an out of the box fresh Blender 2.49b with the standard 2.6 Python (because it doesn’t even look at 2.7 let alone want to load its scripts).

Then I follow the basic Character Modelling tutorial by J Williamson (which is remarkably well put together however) and after using the Loop Cut tool, I seem to be getting this problem. Where as on the tutorial displayed there is no such issue.

Therefore I am led to assume this is a bug, is there any way around it or is there something I’ve neglected to enable or turn off?

Thanks again.

Now my problem does seem to have a work around. Albeit, a rather slow one.

Inherently the problem appears to be that Blender is yes listening to my ‘Extrude’ command, but it is taking it twice for some reason or other (without me double clicking). Now, I’ve got no facts for this other than logical deduction.

I have thought it is to do with the Loop Cut tool, but that seems unlikely given the nature of the tool. It’s there to split faces or edges, which is rather useful. (In my opinion). If it is the loop cut tool, the word ‘cut’ might mean that it’s cutting away at planes instead and that is what is ‘ripping’ my edges apart. (Which seems odd).

I have considered it logical, that my double vertices is caused by the extrude function instead but I have no explanation of why they seem to split apart in some cases (not all, which leaves me primarily with guesses).

Is this a normal problem or is it as I fear, something I’m doing wrong? Is there an alternative method of doing things?

Work around: Wiremesh mode, box select vertices (seemingly individually, but there are two and doing them individually just to check is becoming common practice for me) and then click and merge. If a vertices was deleted then 1 point to me.

If this is in the wrong section, (In all likelihood an entirely reasonable assumption, could a moderator please move it to the correct place.

if your talking about where you’ve got over lapping vertices, and when you go to move one the one underneath it stays put, you could always try pushing “w” in edit mode and then going down to remove doubles

When you use e-key to extrude, blender extrudes and waits on the user to drag the mouse to move the extrusion. So if you e-key to extrude, and hit enter or lmb or rmb, blender will extrude and leave the new extrustion where it’s at, giving one the impression it didn’t do anything, so if you e-key to extrude again, yes you will be left with double vertices from the first extrusion that didn’t appear to work. As smashleybashley says, in edit mode w-key->remove doubles to fix this. Also there is a threshold setting for this that tells blender how close 2 verts should be before they are considered doubles. In 2.5x this is at the bottom of the tool shelf.