blender is contagious 2!!!!

Well, some of you remember the post of ingiebee?

Some day ago I told my friend I was making a 3d movie (The Exodus) using blender. Then the day after he said to me: “hey, I downloaded blender on the net yesterday, first I didn’t know how to insert a cube but now I know how cause I found a site called” I told him that me too I started to know blender by using tut that were on the internet. Now he blend each day of the week and he cannot stop!!! :o :o (like me! :wink: )

So now he want to make a good looking ship or vehicule that will be in my movie. I think the best way to improve our blend is to have a goal. Like me, at first I found a tut on how to create my own fighter in freespace 2 (a space sim game). And they said to downlaod blender to create the model. I downloaded it and from that time I blend, blend and blend again!!! :slight_smile:

Show blender to a friend that dont know it and you will see what I mean! :wink:

lol. ive been addicted to blender more then anything thing else in my life. I think i found blender in a 3d modeler search… 1.5yrs now ive been using it nearly every day…lol

Unfortunately, I haven’t had as good results with telling friends about Blender. I think eight or so of my friends have asked me how to use Blender, I gave them links to tutorials, and only two of them actually ended up learning any of it. And they don’t use it much.

I think a lot of people are potentially interested in doing creative and interesting things, but they lose interest when doing such things involves a lot of work and dedication.

Yep I think your right on this. Many people like to make some little artistic art without alot of work, when it come to big project that ask more time they loose their interest. but for me, big project are my source of inspiration. I really like to make thing that take alot of time (Like the movie I’m making :wink: )

Ahhhh! that would explain my completed projects. They all took a really long time, so I don’t have alot to show. I get too involved in creating more and more detail. You don’t get alot done that way, but the ones you do finish are really cool.

blender is like a drug.

started about 2 1/2 years ago. AND I CANT STOP!!!

I’ve shown about 4 of my Blender works to my friends. Well, whatever friends I have. Anyway, they didn’t know what it was. They asked if one thing (a car bungee-jumping into a canyon–don’t ask) was a video game. I didn’t know whather to feel insulted (what video game has cars bungee-jumping into canyons? Geez) or proud (video games look good these days, and my Blender works are at least half as good than the video games). AAGGHH!!

Maybe I should make a shirt with these words written on it:

“Blender is a free 3D suite that can make your dreams come to life if your dreams are total blackness, or you’re willing to learn and put in a lot of work. To find out what the **** this shirt is talking about, go to and download it. For tutorials, go to For the dedicated community, go to”

well well well

i love blender

actualy i saw it on TV earlier this year (tech TV a program called EX-MACHINA) i downloaded it and for some strange reason never looked back.

now i am learning or trying to learn MAYA at the same time. but for some reason blender was easier to learn and far easier to use to modle things.

if i decide to change to another program I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE FOR BLENDER IN MY HEART you can never forget your first. and it has changed my life and dreams substantialy.

actualy i have no plan to switch anytime soon. maybee in another year or two. but i will still model in blender.

Contagious…and wonderfully addictive!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!