Blender is giving me a headache


as a teacher, I have a ‘small’ problem with the Game-engine. When I’m showing games, like the ones on the CD (with the Game-book), in about 2 minutes I start to get a really big headache! I guessed maybe the refreshrate of my monitor was causing this, but it only happens when I show the games…really annoying!

Anybody got an idea about that? :frowning:

I have the same problem… when my caffeine level in my blood is too low

Are you sure it’s all the games? The refresh rate on the tube cleaner game kind of bothers me.

Is this with all 3D Applications? Do You use Win2K? If so, it could be the Win2K Refreshrate Bug. Win2K displays all 3D Apps with 60Hz. I don’t know if this happens on WinXP too. But there are a lot of Programs out, to fix this. Maybe also the newest Driver for Your GraficCard. NVidia has a fix includet. I don’t know about ATI and others.
Just an Idea. Maybe it helps.