Blender is in GSoC 2019

The GSoC 2019 orgs have been announced, and Blender made the list.


Yes, We are in Baby, let’s have fun :slight_smile:

From the mail list:

The best students are always the ones who come with proposals based on
their past experience, what they learned already and what they are
motivated for to work on. GSoC is not a learning program, it’s not even
internship - it’s a well paid summer holidays job. Students will have to
come with a convincing project proposal. It’s their responsibility!
That being said, of course anyone who’s new is always welcome to ask
questions or to get help.

Blender Summer of Code 2019 - Ideas…

Ohhh, more bevel improvments…

"Bevel Improvements

  • Benefits : Add some user-requested enhancements to modeling with Bevel tool and modifier
  • Description : There are a number of possible enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes for Bevel described in task T48583. A good project would be to select some of these that could be done in the GSoC timeframe. One possible set:
    • User-drawn profiles. There would be some UI work to get a widget for capturing the profile, or perhaps a separate object could be used (clunkier). And then work on how to do the edges with that profile (fairly easy), and how to do the corners with that profile (fairly hard). If the profiles aren’t symmetric, then a solution for figuring out the orientation of the profile on each edge needs to be found.
    • Remove the need for clamping by properly dealing with the cases where the bevel geometry collides with / intersects other geometry. This is quite a hard project and could probably be enough work for an entire GSoC project.
  • Requirements : Proficient in C programming, familiarity with 3d concepts and operations on vectors
  • Difficulty : medium to high
  • Possible mentors : Howard Trickey
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Well, seeing that outliner improvements are part of GSOC ideas feels bad considering how few of those get merged to master. Those improvements should be made before 2.8 stable release.


I agree that the outliner should really be improved some more for 2.80 release, but maybe it’s more work and riskier than it seems on the surface. Collections have improved it a lot, but I would really love for all the things mentioned in the GSOC to be done.

Definitely looking forward to the actual GSOC project announcements to see what students will actually be doing.

Imagine an outliner with an indication of how many Mo of vram the geometry and the textures takes

I would like to see projects about fixing/redesigning Texture Painting and incorporating real time PBR material painting.


Imagine an outliner where you could actually drag to re-arrange the order of items, like every other scene tree that has ever been devised :slight_smile:


Seeing as 3D printing is what Blender is widely used for nowadays, and the thing I use it for most often.
I would like to see an improved shelling function. It was suggested last year as a task, but no one took up the challenge. It would be incredibly useful, and time saving for anyone creating 3D printable models.

Like this:-

to this

meshmixer dosn’t help.

350 scale for Shapeways. 600 scale on a Photon. Get in.

More mentors are needed. See:

@OmarSquircleArt is proposing some node enhancements. (I look forward to them).

While in the Attribute / Object Info space could you expose Vertex Alpha too please? (Ignore the paint stuff / nodes).

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