Blender is lagging a lot when I try to duplicate trees

Hi. I am using Blender 2.82a.

My Laptop has an i5 8th Gen Processor with NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics card and 8GB RAM. I was trying to make a scene like a forest from which I want to animate some people shooting arrows and stuff. I downloaded a tree from another site. The tree is the problem now. When I try to duplicate it Blender lags a bit but when it’s more than 6 trees Blender crashes. There are a lot of leaves so I can hide the leaves when animating. But how do I duplicate it without Blender crashing?

I am a new user so I can’t upload here, all my attachments are in my drive link. Also, I just realised that my blend file is close to 1.5 GB.

Don’t use that tree

Yes try different trees isn’t a bad idea. I mistakenly downloaded massively over-engineered trees and waited forever for it to load just to see what it looked like. Use what is appropriate for your scene. If it is all the the tree in detail then an intricate model may be appropriate. If it is a forest background use the absolute minimum detail that looks good.
Other things to try depending on how your scene needs to look…
*Use 2D images on planes. All the vegetation except trees next to the right roadside in this image are 2D planes as well as power poles. powerlines, fences etc. There is somewhere close to1000 2D images in this 15 second animated driving scene. No modelling lag on an old 2nd gen i5 PC with 4Mb RAM

*Use instanced duplicates (eg: ALT + D) so duplicates share data
*If your tree is using image textures, reduce their resolution as much as you can get away with. Theres no point having 4000x4000 textures on a tree leaf that might use only 20x20 pixels in the background of your scene. A silly exaggeration but oversized image textures can be a killer especially if you have many.

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