Blender is Lagging but my computer is hardly working

Okay so I recently got blender in order to make an intro for my youtube account and everything was working great until I added depth and increased the resolution on the Text. I pulled up task manager etc. and had it running while I tried using blender. There are no spikes in CPU or RAM usage or anything for that matter, Blender is just lagging and I’m not sure why. Is there any way I can fix this?

maybe you increased the resolution too much for your processor to handle easily.

likely to be a GPU-related issue, what is your :

  • OS
  • GPU
  • GPU driver version ?

Do you work on any other applications? In my day job I sometimes use MS SQL, and sqlsrvr.exe is often one to use massive amount of ram, but doesn’t report that and once I close it via taskmanager, things go back to normal. You said no spikes in ram usage, does that mean the usage is consistently high?