Blender is lagging

Hi, I was working on a project yesterday when I stopped and I chose to put the laptop in the “sleep” mode without I closed Blender.
Today I “woke up” my pc on which my project was running and suddenly Blender crashed.
When I tried to open up Blender, an error occurred “your system does not use 3d hardware acceleration”. However, I solved this one by pasting the opengl32.dll file into the Blender folder in “C:”.
Obviously, when I open up Blender, It works but it’s so slow and lagging occurs.
I tried to run blender with Intel Graphics card, I followed the video on Youtube but nothing has worked. I attempted to reinstall blender, but neither this one has worked. I don’t know what I can do. Help me, please!
I have 16GB RAM, Intel i7 and NVIDIA 1050Ti and it’s enough to say that it’s no my ps’s fault.

I solved the issue by removing the opengl32.dll file into my Blender folder and re-upgraded the Nvidia’s drivers again ( I brought them into an older version).

Thanks! This was driving me crazy until I tried your suggestion. Blender had just suddenly slowed to a near standstill. Even opening a file was a one or two minute process. Removing the opengl32.dll fixed the problem. Anyone know how it could have started?