Blender is logging me out of Linux

I’m working on a 320 mb ram, 1.7ghz p4 with a 16 mb graphics card (the computer was very cheep but all I could afford) using Fedora Core 6 as on OS. When I start up blender it seems to run fine and at a very quick speed but if a move around with the mouse in the 3d window to much I sudenenaly find my self looking at the login screen or as today a black screen. Is this a configuration prob or something to do with my unofficial graphics drvers. (the nvidia ones won’t install).

Yup, you’re blowing up the X server. Nvidia should have legacy drivers somewhere on their site. I would try to track down the correct driver for your card.

As I said they won’t install. Something to do with the whole Fedora / Red hat thing.

The really odd bit is though that I can do a one hundred frame render (slowly) without X going very much slower than usuall

What happens when you try to install the drivers?

– Edit –

Maybe this will help:

If the drivers dont work for you, download the linux static version.
It should let you run blender with out 3d acceleration.

best if you get the drivers installed though.