Blender is not dead!

(Devas73) #1

Hi people, I’m shocked by the news as well.
I was currently trying to use a powerful free physics engine called ODE with blender by means of a C dll.
If I will succeed, I will post the results here just to keep alive the interest in blender because I feel this is not the end.
Many thanks to the creator of this site!

(nemesis) #2

I agree, this isn’t the end for me. Some people say they will stop using Blender just because NaN has shut down, and I don’t see a reason to stop. Why stop doing something you like?

(nemesis) #3

oops, I somehow double posted, sorry for this

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(Angelo) #4

It is not the end for me either.

Blender est formidable .


(Angelo) #5

It is not the end for me either.

Blender est formidable .


(vicmmi) #6

I’ll still be using Blender. Where else can you get a 3D modeling & animation software capable of writing your own plug-in, do compositing & create interactive HTML content as well as 3D games all in once package.

Happy Blending!

(valarking) #7

OMG! Blender’s DEAD? bump

(stukkm) #8

whoever said it was the end? dude… it’s like only the beginning. actually, i guess the beginning would be when blender was first made… ok,
beginning number 2 then. yeah, that’ll do.

(Dittohead) #9

huh, i’m confused.

Blender aint dead. it’s going open source!!

(slikdigit) #10

heehee. Look at the date of the first post.
Valarking is a funny guy.

Oh- bump
(evil grin)