Blender is not rendering....

Hi. I have a little trouble. When im trying to render one of my project it only shows black screen and nothing else. I tried to append objects to the new blender window, i switched between cpu and gpu rendering, cycles and internal. Nothing happend. Console shows only “event has invalid window”. I was looking for answer on the internet but i didn’t find answear.

You should (as soon as the forum lets you) post the .blend file, so anyone can look inside for an answer.

SCIROCCO.blend (6.88 MB)
Here is .blend file. That work have more than 2 years and not that great quality.

You are using the compositor but have set it to have a black output.

Replace with a proper compositing node setup
or turn off ‘Use Nodes’
or in Render / Post Processing panel turn off ‘Compositing’

Your compositor has only one output node, and no input nodes.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Everything is working now