Blender is not saving 32 bit baked png s?


I have created a 32 bit image(image editor) for baking. Then I baked the texture to this new empty 32 bit png. I saved the image as .png. I opened the image in Photoshop, it says that the image is 8bit rather than 32bit?

Does anyone know how to make this process work so that I get higher bit precisions? I am not sure if Photoshop is converting it to 8bit on the fly, which I doubt since Photoshop is pretty good with high bit images.


Save it as an .exr file

Richard, thanks for the help.

Are you also thinking that Blender cannot save high precision .png files?

Based on you asking your original question, apparently not.

Yeah you might be right then. Because .exr just works as expected. I will try to bug it.