Blender is on Digg

A bit late with the news, but blender is on the frontpage!

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My eyes, my eyes! Good lord why do I feel compelled to read comments? As usual a post about Blender is followed by a barrage of negative comments by ignorant misguided narrow-minded egotistical pro-wannabes. Then it sinks into the same tired old arguments with the people who comment in defense of Blender.

I need some sort of high-tech idiot filter blinders or something. :cool:

I would love to see one of those negative comments by a close-minded (commercial app name here) user get followed up by a famous artist stating “Oh by the way, I do all my (whatever) in Blender cos it is FAST, mainly because of the “crappy” interface.” Hah, IN YOUR FACE! I would LMAO and LOL all over the place.

Thanks for the link anyway. It does show that Blender is making waves and rockin’ the boat. :slight_smile:

There will always be “fanboys” for every application out there worth using.

I’m a Blender fanboy myself even though I’ve used Maya when working for
some company requiring it because everyone else in the same company
use it (streamlined compatibility). That doesn’t belittle my belief in Blender
at all, it’s just another 3D tool paying my salary - that’s all.

So what? I’ve used Blender for the big-brand names making their
logos look good, the products look even better etc. etc.
And no one asks what “application” we used, it’s just a tool
(happens to be me - the graphic artist of that company) favorite
tool - we can afford both Maya, Max and every 3d tool we want,
but I prefer Blender because I can deliver the stuff the clients
want FASTER with it…maybe some super-maya-guy could do
the same in Maya? Who cares!

The only reason the “professional” community want to seem
professional using the “known old tools” is because of
the marketing staff. They will promote the people using
their software and give them free perks such as free
licenses, betas, help out the company they promote
with free frills etc. And what do you have? You’ve bought
yourself a fan or two.

Of course - many of them are fans of their favorite software
for totally legit reasons such as simply loving it. And theres
nothing wrong with favoring Maya or Max (or Blender),
whatever works for you - is fine! If you can do the job
with Blender - they can scream “crap”,“you’re not a pro” as
much as they want - because if you get paid using your
software to do your job - you’re a pro - period!

Perhaps if the original post wasn’t so obviously inflammatory (“Forget Maya, 3D Studio Max and Light wave”) then it would be a bit more conducive to rational discussion. Opening the topic with ridiculous cheerleading like that just gets people annoyed and sceptical - that’s not the right way to get people to come to ‘our’ side.

Aigh, the old flamewars have come to digg as well now, too. The choice for any app is based on a few things, such as budget, personal favour, uses and a lot more. My choice was blender, someone else’s choise is 3DSmax. Who cares, as long as they both produce nice artwork?

Quoted for agreement. :smiley:


it just sickens me reading all that bs ppl post about blender

just couze they give up and dont want to try learning to interafece but stick to that same defoult layout most apps use doesnt mean blender sucks

blender was my first app and is my main application for development, i even have a job using it

its a pitty that people dis it so much, just couze they are to slow and igonrent in learning how much faster the interface in blender is compared to even 3ds

Yeah, broken, you are so right. The title is definitely asking for it. Whoever posted it is almost as bad as the others.

“Those internet people get on my nerves. They let anybody type whatever the hell they want on it.”
L. Phillips

They are afraid of change, and afraid they picked the “wrong” app.

Blender is fine to do almost anything… I really don’t see where they get all this stuff…

For one, I like the interface more then any other 3d app Ive used.

^what kyle91 said

i’ve used 3DSmax and compared to blender the interface sucks blenders is harder to start using but it’s way bettter in the long run… WAY better

“Farder”?:confused: :smiley:

I’ve never really had a problem with Blender’s UI; if I just knew what ALL the buttons did then I could do stuff with it fine :smiley:

Just some of the responses.

Blender has a real problem, i think we can solve it easily enough. lets stop adding features before they have been “designed” and not just coded.

Its a great program, but it is honestly laughed at for one reason, which i think is really sad, because there are actually some major advantages to the interface.

The biggest problem with blender is the interface is insane.

I’ve tried to learn to use Blender twice and I have slipped off the learning curve at the exact same spot both times.

They feel completley designed by programmers. The interface is clunky and difficult to use.

Sorry, but Blender’s interface sucks.

Kajico blender had the same horrible UI when it was a commercial app. that why the company went bankrupt.

Blender is a fun product that also serves as a lesson in bad GUI design. (It is actually pretty easy to use once you get used to it, but the learning curve is huge. The UI is different to anything else you will ever use.)

even depsite its interface.

Man, people take thigns too personally. Nobody really cares.

Blender has a real problem
I don’t see why some people not liking the interface is such a problem. The interface is up for a recode for 2.5, and this is great, but the thinking behind the Blender interface is not the same as the thinking behind many other apps interface, and for this reason it will always have people who like it a lot and people who dislike it a lot. And?

The idea that Blender’s “laughed at” is pretty funny in itself. A friend of a friend of mine told him that, as a Maya user, he thought Blender was “weak”. I just happened to get a look at some of his 3D work, and let’s just say that Blender would have been more than powerful enough to do his work in very satisfactorily. Six years ago.

I think if these “critics” of Blender were required to post work samples of their own next to their comments it would make things much more fun.


That’s not to imply that Maya et al users aren’t out there doing some absolutely incredible, mind blowing stuff. They most definitely are. I just have the feeling that those aren’t the people sitting around bitching about Blender.

Word, bugman.

What Blender doesn’t do that most people are used to is to take advantage of the gigantic built-in interface knowledge that most folks have built up over the last 10+ years of using other GUIs.

Of course, as someone pointed out in a fairly reasoned interface thread on .org, NONE of the big 3D apps have a standard GUI. None. I think that these people use Blender for two hours, find it “icky” because it doesn’t feel right, and that’s that for them.

Blender faces similar issue as Linux. Provided that you are Windows user would you be willing to give up your really extensive knowledge about that platform in relatively different and unknown operating system such as Linux?

It’s the same thing with vehicles. Bike riders think their way is the way to go but those who use car think their way is superior.

Ultimately the tool doesn’t matter, the result does.

Everyone here should be able to admit that Blender’s interface is vastly different from other tools. That’s a given. The only problem is that humans love what they know, and fear what is different. So many professional artists won’t ever pick up Blender, even if just to make some art in support of open source. But that’s okay. Look what they’re missing!

free as in freedom of choice.
there are lot of different kind of applications out there. which is great.
so you get to choose what you like best, what suits your needs.

i hate it when people get greedy, and start making demands… instead of learning, they spend their time comparing.

just love the little ugly baby …


Yes, the interface is very unusual, but it’s also much more efficient. Not everyone hates the interface as much as we think- the article about Blender has 1361 diggs as I am reading it. Hopefully it’ll get more popular as we use it.

Hotkeys are addictive…
I keep clicking B in order to select something in Microsoft Word/Sony Vegas or Photoshop. And G to move something I selected. Or A to select or deselect all. VERY irritating!

Not sure if this is a negative or positive side effect of blender :smiley: