Blender is only baking to certain parts of mesh

Hello. I have been trying to bake my textures from a high-poly model to a low-poly model but I have a problem.

I have actually no idea how to explain it so I’ll just show you the images.

Here I have been trying to bake the normals from my hi-poly to my low-poly. In the UV image editor you can see that only the blade got baked to the texture map but if you look in the 3D view where I have turned on textured display it shows that the handle got baked but not the blade.

If I switch to edit mode in the 3D view you can see that the whole normal map is showing on the model but it also switched the map in the UV image editor to where the rest of the textures got baked.

Frankly I have no idea what’s going on here. Help please?

It looks as though you have unwrapped your model over two different (blank) images. In edit mode, select everything, and then chose an image from the popup in the UV/Image editor. That should get all your faces using the same image, and when you bake, everything should go onto that one.

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Thank you Matthew. That seemed to fix the problem.

And here I was so sure that I had everything unwrapped in the same image xD