Blender is really slow for me at the moment

I am wondering if anybody else is having this issue. Previously, I could work on models with at least a million vertices but now i can barely get to 100k without the program lagging like mad. This has pretty much stalled my work and i would really appreciate any help you guys can give.

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It’s not only you. Unfortunately to date Blender has performance problems in edit mode and playback with unpotimized scenes. Undo is getting netter. And massive scenes have problems even in object mode.
There is work being done it. That’s all I can say.
Depending on your machine and project the problem are noticeable earlier or later.

Blender 2.8 seems quite much slower. Tested out and duplicating 5000 objects takes
7 seconds in blender 2.79 and 50 seconds in Blender 2.81

Is there any news on this subject? I first started looking into Blender 2.8 early 2019… and couldn’t cope with the super slow performance, and now I have 2.82 machine and it still sucks arse… modelling and animating is nearly impossible for me… I still have to use 2.79 for this, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: hardware 1080ti and a ryzen 7 2700x , 64 GB

It’s on the roadmap for this year -

You can also keep an eye on the module pages and the specific tasks for modeling or anim.

Thanks for the link.

Yeah blender in edit mode is quite laggy if the mesh is large enough, i always work in edit mode with modifier disabled in edit mode, it helps a lot.

yeah, it seems to work great if you open a new workspace and append only the mesh and the armature to create more actions, but doing this within a scene (editing on the fly, even with the collection being hidden and the mesh modifiers off) with a few objects and their NLAs is like trying to install CoD on MS DOS… Blender 2.8 still has this beta feel to it, darn.