Blender is so underated

I downloaded the fpstemplate a few months ago and decided to update it. Well i was able to create a map with lotsa objects 3d sound as well, scripted events, and created a script that culd randomly add objects to diff places everytime i run the game. Bt my huge problem is the graphics arent so gud even though the textures are around 1024x1024 mark. Im using glsl materials nt texface. I try using shaders i gt from graphics engine previews for normal map bt that luks mediocre. My flash light doesnt even light da object it only takes light from a lamp i put inda room. If i knew opengl culd i create a normal map shader that luked similiar to quake wars or even doom3:( i mean they both open gl. Sori 4 the big esay bt i gta find out!

  1. Load normal map for object
  2. Make sure normal map is ticked under ‘Image Sampling’ tab
  3. enable ‘Normal’ under influence tab
  4. switch to textured mode with GLSL shading enabled
  5. profit? (It should show the normal map effecting the surface of the model)

The last time I used normal mapping in the viewporting/. game engine that is the above procedure I used and it should work.

For the spot light/ torch you can use a spot lamp, narrow the cone and extend the clipping distance to your desired distance and then if you want to get fancy make a texture with a few semi-transparent rings to simulate the lighting you see on a real torch, make sure it’s in a form with transparency and that should do the trick :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Hey thanx daniel i did that i tried it on all the objects inda game that use normal maps i used the script from the graphics previews demos it works, bt their lighting doesnt match the lighting of the objects that arent shaded by the script. They appear dark on the back and illuminated by da light inda front. And howcum they still get shaded even without any lamps inda scene and it doesnt recieve shadows or emit shadows when in glsl shaders.

I don’t think ‘underrated’ means what you think it means…