Blender is spreading 9 or peeple getting lazy

My client pays for a really cheap webhost and well not the username /password is working so i went to help desk and…

look for yourself…

THE BLENDER ICON! and all those icons come with KDE right?

omfg that’s really lame…

gasp!!! COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!!! ( i think the logo is copy right protected isnt it :-? )

lol “quality host” %|

two of those are from Ichat (well one is, but the other looks like tis from another mac software)



Kewl, nice logo’s, I might think I saw them earlier somewhere (all of them) :-?

We should mail them: “Hey dudes nice logo’s, but already asked if they are copyright protected” Here some links to ask :slight_smile:

Greetz Proud user of appies using those icons.

Would be really funny to have more then 100s people mailing that. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm actually my webhost uses the photoshop icon for half of their images.

i.e. photoshop 7.0’s logo with the eyeball.


I investigated - yes, it is published with KDE.

It is owned by its creator ( It is part of the
Crystal Set. You may download and view the image.

We already have approval to use the images from its creators so we are not
committing any copyright infringement.

Dont you find it ironic that blender,(a free program) is being used to represent billing system? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, :o :smiley: .
this is funny lol

According to this site, Blender is a registered trademark!

Check the small print at the bottom

They are full of it, the blender logo is a registered trademark and it has been for a long time. They are doing something highly illegal and the foundation should send them a cease and desist letter.


it’s blender3D, not blender

Now the Blender Foundation can sue them: make a lot of money: use it to improve Blender! What a lucky break!

The KDE developers can do the same thing!

oh man…what kind of retard would do that? %|

but hey, that is a nice version of it.

i would like to use that one.

but really, I would love a lawsuit.

if you sue them then my client wont have hosting no more!!! =_=

While we’re at it, let’s mug orphans for spare change and sell drugs on the side. Afterall, the ends must justify the means.

While we’re at it, let’s mug orphans for spare change and sell drugs on the side. Afterall, the ends must justify the means.[/quote]

Without the real threat of a lawsuit, registered trademarks and copyrights have no power behind them. As a writer, I appreciate the power of litigation.

no it would require sueing the person who is Selling the icons, I.E “Stock icons”

your clients host is a victim too.