Blender is spreading

Polish 3D artist used Blender (and Substance Painter) to make her Paleo Art award winning animation of the velociraptor’s mating dance

The animation

Her Blender screenshot:


That’s great and all but the camera motion made my brain hurt.

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Yeah, camera work feels very unnatural, but otherwise, awesome work!

Yes, it’s not smooth but paleonthologists don’t seem to mind that. Maybe she used more than one camera and switched.

that is awesome! I agree the camera motion could use some work, but it is very well made all around, the eyes have a lot of life and the feathers look amazing.

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I thought the presentation was great. But if I had anything to comment it would be on the lighting.

After looking at her artstation I recognized a dino piece she posted here. She is a member @Joanna_Kobierska and she posted this animation here:

Yeah, I agree with you! It was so awesome and I love it.

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