blender is sulking!

so I made a 150 frame video.
hit render animation.
went OH! I forgot something and closed the file.
now when I reload the file it only renders frame 0 - then sulks
yes I restarted the computer
thanks all

Post the blend file please, Its hard to guess what has happened from your description of the problem.

Cheers, Clock.

way to big, thanks

Open blender from a console, and post what it says.

Maybe that is the problem - I have too many models, too many calculations!

nothing obvious.
yes I AM selecting animation.
I got a simple file to animate. but when I bring in a few things from the suspect file - it no longer works


the blend file size is 300MEG

may have found the problem!
under the camera area there is a box to put the last frame in. it seemed to do it for the small animation but I had to key it in for the big one

that fixed it!