Blender is super cool when it comes to merging both 2d and 3d worlds

Maybe Blender is not the best solution for high poly sculpting. Maybe its better to do texturing in Substance, clothing in Marvelous, simulations in Houdini and animation in Maya, but show me a piece of software which can handle merging 2d and 3d worlds into one, better than Blender.


Brilliant, nice drawing and animations.


Hey! Thank you very much!

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You have amazing, distinctive work! Yes it is enabled by Blender’s unique new toolset but the special sauce is definitely you!

I really recommend loading up your profile here with your IG etc (if you care about that kind of thing). As an extension of this you could push clips to IG Reels or Tiktok. I also think you could consider uploading your fav pieces to various relevant subreddits - anything from 2d / 3d animation subreddits to “Heavymind”.

Of course theres no need to do any of these things - I just think your work deserves a wide audience (including any art directors who might want to scoop you up for a gig)!

Very inspiring!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thats truly a great example of the power of 2d / 3D combinations. Loving the style as well.