Blender is unresponsive


So I have a minimal exterior scene. A modern house, with grass particles. I just started adding materials to the scene, namely to the house. I plan on doing the grass the last since it takes so much RAM. When I try to go into live render mode to see how the textures look, Blender freezes, when I try to render out the image to see how my textures look the same problem happens. Any ideas as to why this is happening? This is the first time I have encountered this issue. My laptop config is i7, 2gb video, 8gb ram. Thank you

Are you rendering in CPU or GPU? Does Blender freeze up completely or just unresponsive for some time?

As you expect, the scene is too heavy for your hardware. You can optimize viewport performance by selecting wireframe or bounding box mode. Also you can select a single object and press the number pad “/” to ‘solo’ that object in the viewport. You can select the particle system and lower the display percentage. By default particles display 100% in the viewport. You can lower this to 10%. When you render the display percentage is ignored and you get 100% particles rendered in the final.

If you have a lot of object in the outliner create some Empties and parent object to them. This will increase the speed of the Outliner because it has to display less objects.

Lower the Cycles sample for preview to 3.

I tried both cpu and gpu, no luck. I don’t think it is my laptop that is in question…It is a fairly small scene, nothing big. A exterior shot of a modern house, half hdr image, few textures that’ts it. I had a scene that I rendered before with 350,000 particles of grass and that made sense when it was slow but this is unusual…in any case, thank you for the answers, will post back if I find a solution. If anyone else has ideas, I’m open to hearing them as well.

I tried to render on both cpu and gpu. Still same problem. Like I said its not a big scene so I am dumbfounded. I even reinstalled blender still same issues.

The object count really does slow down Blender, this is Blender’s Achilles Heel. Blender runs like a game engine, in a render loop, pretending to be an application. The more objects it has to draw, the slower its FPS. Any technique that will reduce the object count for application display can help. Did you try selecting a single object and pressing the numberpad “” key? This would be a great test. This will ‘solo’ the object and viewport responsiveness should improve.

I tried the “/” on the numpad and it doesn’t work.

Once again, your laptop may be failing you. Many laptops do not have a “official” number pad keyboard. Try using the menu command in the View menu of the 3D viewport.

With a single object selected try View/View Local Global from the 3D viewport menu.