Blender is used to make the ending title of the movie, Wandering Earth

Wandering Earth is a Chinese Sci-Fi movie which began to show during the Chinese Spring Festival, and is still on show now. Well, maybe you have known this movie because “Netflix Buys Chinese Sci-Fi Hit ‘The Wandering Earth’”

There is an official clip, , which presents the ending title first, then addresses how it is created. Of cause, our loved BLENDER is used!

In case you can not access to the Chinese website, I also upload it to youtube:

the clip is in Chinese. I give a translation of some sentences here; if you need a completed one, just tell me. But I do hope the official stuff can upload their works to youtube for a better resolution

00:02:56 After a lot tries,
00:02:57 the original working processing and method are all thrown away.
00:03:00 A brand new rendering process are adopted,
00:03:03 which
00:03:04 rises a huge challenge.
00:03:06 But the final result is proven to be a better one.


p.s I am not sure it is feasible if I post here,( I think the “animation” sub-forum is used only for the works of my own; so this movie clip does not fit it). If not, please help to move to suitable sub-forum

p.s 2. Since I lost my username/pw on, I can’t report it to the news site.


Nice! Look forward to seeing it when it comes to Japan. :grinning: