Blender is very weak !!

The title just for fun :slight_smile:

Blender is still very weak in Boolean … It Produce a wrong shape …
And consumes CPU for a very simple things .
Are there any developments coming to it ??

I’m sorry for my poor english …

Check “BMesh” development… I’m thinking that will solve most of the boolean issues in due time.

When reading the DEVs lines, and between the lines, on the forum, it’s easy to imaging of a loooooot of features YET to come forth themnext! :smiley:
It’s Alpha 1, now… but still ALPHA.
For me, it allready works damn good (for what i do, at least)! a lmost as good as many of the “finished” packages out there. Betas are probably going to be worth using too…!

to make nothing Blender is very strong I think

:evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: Yes. And cars are not too dangerous when left in a garage. :eyebrowlift2:

you can use maya instead, unfortunately their booleans aren’t any better. :wink:

Yes, your english is weak. Is there any development to improve it or do you want someone else to do it for you?

Let’s begin a simple lesson how to write a constructive critique. Instead of writing ‘weak’, you can write;

I have a intel 486 Dell pc that has 8 megs of ram.

When is blender weak?:
When I subdivide a cube 6 times and trying to sculpt.

Now the question:
Is it suppose to be this slow or do I need a new computer?

He does have a valid point. Booleans in blender are terrible for good modelling. If you ever end up using it, you’ll probably also end up spending more time to fix the mess it created than you would’ve used doing it without booleans.

Fixed… :evilgrin:

How could you!? :D:D:D

I get a B+.

[Endi] Blender very weak, you can not anything in it, dev. don’t care if black face all over BGE files from 2.49 using normal map or tangent set broken, otherwise they fix for alpha 1. [/Endi]

This is based on actual bugs in revisions close to alpha 1.

Booleans in Blender are weak, but there was talk of incorporating the Carve library to improve them. Personally I feel that booleans are more of a tertiary feature, aka not even secondary. They always seem messy and out of control, best to just plan ahead a bit while modeling and make a clean mesh.

Booleans and Mesh Modeling are never going to be best friends. Boolean operations are abstract mathematical rules which need far more precision to work correctly than the crude wireframe structure mesh modeling provides. NURBS or other mathematical (more) “precise” descriptions or objects can work awesomely with booleans, but everything else…(if you have millions of vertices it is working nicely, too - see ZBrush or something).

Just some logical points to think about, from my personal point of view.

bigbad, bad day?

not sure if I think the post is ok, it sounds kinda discriminating.
Not everybody knows English well.

Also Blenders Boolean tools are 90% useless. 10% they work well on simple cubes,
otherwise they produce artifacts, missing faces, and are plain to slow to work with.

has nothing to do with the computer it is just the code.

The old Amapi modeler is faster and better …

I think booleans should be left for nurbs applications. Rhino and Moi3D for example. And because Blenders Nurbs capabilities are “weak” they are not worth using in Blender.

I personally don’t care, I don’t think blender should be the swiss army knife of 3D creation tools and in fact I think that Blender is already getting so feature packed it almost needs to be split into seperate applications.

Eg. mesh modeller, sculpter, renderer, animater - and all with a common interface and obviously no need for import exporting of models. This way the gui wouldn’t be so hard to design to fit all the features into.

Oh dear, I have wandered off topic.

Yes, you’re right. But having a title like this thread has is very provoking.

On topic:
I know that boolean is slow in blender but for a quick fix it works well. You should not use it as a full scale modeling method.

stupid thread name, oh yes that is very true.
Booleans are not what Blender is all about.

Sadly they are not useable for full scale model, that is the sad part.


not sure if you ever worked really with booleans, they are very useful.since they are modifiers now they can also be used for animation.

instat windo cutting for architectual aniamtions for example.


I understand that English isn’t your first language, but this thread does seem like something of a “flame” starter. It’s good to see reasoned responses. Interesting to hear, all of ou.

i’ve actually had good results with booleans, but i just use difference. i don’t know about the others.

had the slowness problem often, i put something in the object field, move to anther desktop, draw something, browse ba, come back and it’s done. didn’t it take less time in 248?