Blender Issues with GeForce 6800 Cards?

Does anyone else have a graphics card in this series and are encountering problems running Blender? I get less than a minute from booting up Blender before I encounter a complete system freeze for a few seconds. After the freeze all the text disappears from the interface:

Blender was working perfectly on my previous graphics card. I’ve been running doom3 and other games since installing this and they run fine, so I doubt it’s a faulty card. Only Blender has any problems :expressionless: My only other thought is it’s a problem with the latest Nvidia drivers (61.77), though I have tried both those and the manufacturer’s drivers with the same result.

Hmmmmmm, how many versions did this happen in?, because if it went on for a while I have a geforce2 graphics card and hadn’t encountered a single problem like that in blender.

Do you have antialasing turned on from your card settings? that might screw up Blender. Try turning that off.

2.25 seems to be working perfectly. The problem occurs in 2.34. No idea about the other versions since I don’t have those installed.

Anti-Aliasing is set on Application Controlled.

Are you sure you’ve been running those other games in OpenGL and not DirectX?


The Doom 3 Engine runs in OpenGl as far as I know. Are there any OpenGl benchmark programs I could test with though?

I’m using gforce2 with those drivers with no issues…
maybe international fonts on/off? don’t know have you checked the graphic card threads at ?

Turning international fonts on partially worked to restore the interface after the freeze, depressed buttons contain no text and the others are normal:

I can’t find anything on about this :-?

Also, during the freeze, this box appears below the cursor, then disappears after the freeze:

I get a few seconds after each freeze before it locks up again, and again, and again… :expressionless: 2.34 is pretty much unusable for me now.


did you uninstall the old nvidiadrivers before you installed the new one, and did you also do it before switching to this new card?

just trying to think of problemsolving here


Yes, I followed the standard procedure to replace the card (remove drivers, remove card, insert new card, install new drivers).

I’ve been trying some other versions. 2.25, 2.27, and 2.28 work fine. 2.32, 2.33, and 2.34 all suffer from the freezing. So basically this problem appeared in the 2.3 series of Blender.

I figured out that the problems w/ the 6800 were due to tooltips. I posted a bug at

Included with the bug is a patch that disables tooltips so you can at least use blender.

The Doom 3 Engine runs in OpenGl as far as I know. Are there any OpenGl benchmark programs I could test with though?

Doom3 uses DirectX.

For the sound API yes (and maybe others such as networking).

The renderer is OpenGL.

Thanks for the solution nimbus, I’ll look into it. The freezes do only seem to be triggered when you move the mouse over a button.

There’s a button to disable tooltips in the UserPrefs (info window).