Blender italian Contest - Futuristic

This is my entry for the new contest of Blender italian.
All parts made in Blender, render with Cycles 3000 samples and final effects with Gimp.


Wire and Matcap views…


Very nice. Great work!

Very nice! Good luck in the contest!

Thanks !!! :slight_smile:

Thanks man!!!

Wow, sexy :slight_smile: awesome render, I love all things, the idea, model, materials and textures. Compliment !!!

Thanks friend!!!

Very very nice render!
Try maybe having the motercycle already driving before the image begins, so it is a little more exciting. Over all, excellent work!



render time?

render time?

render time?

3.40 hours more or less

It looks like the bike from the anime Akira and somehow like that from a Batman Movie. Very good design!
And it’s a Tesla too, electric. I bet it can accelerate very fast.

Can you give us the link of the Italian Contest?

T1000 would say: It’s a nice bike…

I’m hopping Your are planning to fix a pose for that arm :-). It’s only critique I have.

Why? You don t like the arm pose?

This is the link of the contest…

My critiques are just some visual design considerations, I really like concept and rendering.

Clarity of the pose is the issue. It’s not quite clear what she’s doing with hand and what she’s holding. It’s nice when pose is readable even in contours. You have dark item over dark shoulder, shown in front view, which doesn’t make the item readable enough. Probably aiming not directly into the camera but little right from it would produce the better pose.

Fence is also a problem. It produce to much contrast around point of interest, making contour of the girl almost unreadable.

don’t worry all comments are important for me but i need to know better the comments so I can upgrade better my final job if it’s possible! Thanks