Blender italian contest - Tree House

This is my latest job for the new Blender Italian contest " Tree House". all parts modelled in Blender and render in Cycles 2000 samples, no addon used!

See the WIP in the link below:


Hi berettaamg,

very, very, nice! … love the ‘dreamy’ atmosphere, and the concept’s gentle feeling.
Best wishes for your contest,

all the best


Great submission, hope you win! :slight_smile:

I love the little details in the background like the clouds and birds… did you add those in an image editor?

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

the background is an imported image, some clouds are simple plane with alpha texture and others details are applied in post production with Gimp

Very interesting! I love the tree!

Very creative work and the atmosphere is amazing

What A Wonderful World.

Nice texture and colors is beautiful…Very well made…Wish You luck in the contest…:slight_smile:


breakdown for the clouds please? they look AMAZING!

Thanks! i hope too :slight_smile:

i’m vary happy because the tree is a model made by me and not generated with blender addons!!!

Thanks !!! :slight_smile:

is my world :wink:

Thanks! i hope to win too

Yes is amazing but remember that part of the clouds in background are a simple image imported!!!

Wow, simply breathtaking! Great work!!!

Awesome! love the concept of atompshere and enivornment! wish i would live in that house! You got nice fantastic of whole thing there. Wish you good luck with contest! hope you win. You have my vote!

I love your clouds, what kind of computer / GPU do you have?