Blender Journal

Here’s a Jounal/editor that I made that has come in real handy for me in keeping notes on how to perform different tasks in blender.
I just started learning python so there is not alot of bells and whisles but it gets the job done.
It works on my xp,vista,and windows 7 computers.

If you need more options in the subjects drop down menu just let me know. I forgot to put cycles on the list. I don’t use cycles.
If interested I can post the file that hasn’t been turned into a .exe file and then you can change the subject names to what ever you want or maybe I can do it for you. It’s really not hard either way.
If you have have question, comments or “things to be added request” just let me know. I am still working on this program.
I am trying to figure how to put a “find” function for serching in each selected subject and would like to also have a function that would also search certain websites for certain website information.
I think it would be pretty cool to have a website or thread in which people post their subject text files of things they have learned.
Now I know BA has a serch engine but it is too elaborate in their searching. Such as any one word that you type in the search engine brings up threads from every where that don’t pertain to what you are searching for and your only option is to click on every thread to see if they are talking about what you are looking for. This my friend takes hours. Totally not an enjoyable experience. Now the subject text files would have to be set up in a certain way so it could be searched out. I mean, I’m not really interestested in reading you info about v2.49 when I am useing v2.7.
I would also like to have it setup so that you know the users name so you could maybe contact them if you need more info on what they are talking about.
Let me know what you think.