Blender just hangs for a couple of seconds...then works again (without doing anything)


Im working on a fairly big scene in Blender (14GB memory, 6GB VRAM), and Im running into an issue. Every once in a while (like every minute)…Blender hangs for a couple of seconds… Its not freezing (with the screen turning white-ish), its not crashing… it just stays the same without doing anything. And then it works again.

This is not after clicking, or doing something specific. for example… when I just move the mouse around…without clicking… the mouse stops for a couple of seconds and then moves again…

Does anybody know what this is? The fact that its doing this without any specific action… is puzzling to me…

Here is my info

  • Blender 2.92 on Windows 10, 64 RAM, GTX1980Ti, Threadripper 2950x
  • I only have SSD’s in my PC, and blender cache is on a seperate disk…same as OS and project files

Take a look in taskmanager / resourcemanager which processes consumes cpu and access files,
maybe just the virus scanner. Have you tried disable 3th party addons if it helps?

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Ah good suggestion regarding the addons…ill try that!