Blender kebord map

Welcome blenderheads!
If this post is inapropriate in this part of forum please replace it as I could not find the right one. Recently I’ve jumped into blender wiki editing. My first job is updating shortcut keymaps:


  1. Keep everything simple to the extremes, only basic functions as it will be used only by nebies in the first hours (seasoned gurus use muscle memory).
  2. Drop two-parts map for object mode and edit mode. Prepare one map with only a few shortcuts differentiated between modes by colour/shading or shape.
  3. Prepare monochromatic printer-friendly version, as well as colourized (or even reduce everything to one and only mono version if feasible).

Below comes my reduced list of shortcuts to include in map:
new file (os+N)
open file (os+O)
save file (os+S)

add mesh (Shift+A)
delete (X)
duplicate (Shift+D)
extrude (E)

select (box) (B)
select (circle) ©
select all/none (A)

grab (G)
rotate ®
scale (S)
X axis (X)
Y axis (Y)
Z axis (Z)

local view/isolation mode ()
view top (Num 7)
view right (Num 3)
view front (Num 1)
camera view (Num 0)
perspective/ortogonal view (Num 5)

layers 1-10 (1-10)
view all layers (`)

modes (edit/object) (TAB)
switch texturing modes (Z)

render (F12)

Please give comments on the list. If you do so say a few words beside so everyone could grab your point of view.

happy blending

Hi looks good! My advice would be to look at previous key maps:

Nothing shamefull about lending ideas from them!