Blender Keeps Crashing In Cycles Material Creation After New Update

So I just recently installed the Blender 2.71 update and every time I start going into material creation in cycles while running in render mode (With GPU, both supper and experimental do this), it crashes after awhile. It’s usually when I plug in a new node or I am messing around with node values. I’m running with a GeForce GTX 780. If anyone knows of a potential fix, I would be eternally grateful.

Cycles 2.71 and above has had known issues with crashes that occur when the rendering starts (affecting the CPU as well), they tend to be semi-random in nature and thus are hard to pin down for a bug report.

It’s not user error, it’s just that Cycles use currently has stability issues.

Does it crash when rendering with cpu ?

it crashes on both, but more regularly on CPU.

Confirming. Happens at three independand pc systems here. With cpu rendering and with gpu rendering. Two with Nvidia ( 460 gtx , 760 gtx ), one with an ATI (this one of course without gpu rendering). So i doubt it’s a driver issue. All with Windows 7 though.

Has somebody written a bug report so far? I have posted this issue at the german blender forum before, but couldn’t find enough people with the same problem. So i waited with the report.

Blender 2.7 renders just fine without crashes. So i would say that’s the workaround as long as you work at the setup. Come back for final rendering …

Same problem here, since the last update it randomly crashes when I switch to Render mode or when I mess around with materials. A couple of times it even turned off my pc instantly.

I guess somebody should make a bug report then ^^

I’ve been trough three 2.71 versions from buildbot and had not experienced such crash, not a once. Linux-x86_64, GTX560, 331.20 driver.
One version had immediate crash when Freestyle was checked, but that’s different and corrected now.
On other pc, Intel 9xx video, also Linux, 32 bit, screen on different parts of interface spike in rainbow color triangles from time to time. It’s enough to move some node or mesh part to get it clear again. This is not happening on earlier, before 2.7, versions. There are no crashes as such though.

Yup, this one isn’t happening to everybody. Linux seems to work fine.

Sergey just committed a fix to some of the crashing bugs.

You can either build Blender yourself now to determine if this fixes your stability issues or you can wait for new builds to go up at

Seems to work fine. Thanks to Sergey :slight_smile:

Same here with my 580, now I’ve reached a point where I find myself hitting Ctrl+S in the browser in case it crashes…Does anyone know of a build on graphicall or anywhere that fixes the issue?