Blender keeps crashing

Hey guys, I’m running Vista 64bit on a Core2Quad Q6600 with 8GB of DDR800 memory. Ever time I go to render a specific small, low poly model blender keeps crashing with the error reported being:

Compiled with Python version 2.5.2.
‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback
Checking for installed Python… No installed Python found.
Only built-in modules are available. Some scripts may not run.
Continuing happily.
Calloc returns nill: len=115703808 in CDNormal, total 1399111536

I’m downloading the latest python now (still running 2.3). Any idea what those errors mean?

Alright, just installed the latest python, and blender still can’t find it, and I’m still getting that same error. Blender 2.47 is still crashing.

The crash has nothing to do with python. That print claims you’re using 1.3 GB of memory, how is that possible for a low poly model? I’d check the .blend file for anything that might be using a lot of memory (large image size, large shadow buffer size, …) and if that’s not there, please report a bug with the file attached, or upload the file somewhere.

Sorry, I forgot that I have the subsurfs cranked up. Still, I’ve got way more memory than I need to render this model.

All the materials are made entirely in blender and as of right now, the lighting is nothing more than comes in the default model.

[edit–Brecht beat me to it and did it a lot better.]

So I turned the subsurfs back down to the default level of 2 and it renders just fine. Any other ideas?

Well, what is the number of polygons and what level was it set to before that?

Not sure how many poly’s. Care to explain how to find that out?

It was set to “render leve: 6” before that. Now it’s at 2. For the screen viewing, it’s at 1.

You can tell by looking at the header for the User Preferences window or the header for the render.

Vertices: 2940, Faces: 1524

With all subsurfs off.

Assuming all quads, that would be more than 6M faces with subsurf level 6.


Hehe, so blender is just choking on itself?

Current Blender 2.47 release is still build without LARGEADRESSAWARE for +1.3GB usage. I still need to upload the new builds I did to I hope I can get it done today.


I figured that blender, despite the fact that it’s a 32-bit program, would still be able to address to around that ~3.3GB limit imposed by windows xp.

Guess not.

Thanks for the builds!

The allocation failed, because there was most likely due to no contiguous block of 1.3GB left to allocate from. Unfortunately that triggers a crash too. Besides, you should look at the limit per process:

which gives max 2GB per 32bit process. The 3.3GB you’re referring to is probably the 4GB physical limit minus what Windows needs itself for running.


New binaries uploaded:


Awesome. I’ll have to try it when I get home later today.

It is successfully rendering now!

However, blender still isn’t finding my python install, even though I have the lastest version installed. Any ideas?