Blender keeps saying "Not Responding"

When I click on whatever I am working on sometimes Blder says “Not responding” message on top or the screen goes blank. Started to happen lately, never had this issue before.

Having the same problem myself - only started happening today.
2.78 works - 2.80 works but acts strangely.
Downloaded a fresh copy of 2.79b and re-installed.
Still getting the ‘not responding’ message.
Mac OS 10.10

Ya it started to do so today, used the other day perfectly fine, updated my driver and still doing the same thing, using the asset pack from CG Geek and when i try to copy and paste diferent trees it does that crap of “not responding”

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Same Here, I my case it doesn’t even start. Gonna try to fix and will let you all know if something sticks.

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So far I’ve tried re-installing from an already downloaded .zip, downloaded a new copy and installed and copied a version that’s working fine on my Mac Pro but none work on my Macbook Pro. I just get the bouncing icon in the dock and if I hit command-option-escape I see Blender (not responding)
Strange indeed.
Any ideas, anyone?

Did anyone find out what was happening here?

This just started happening to me. I will be working, modeling , texturing, anything. Then Blender will say not responding and will last about 30 seconds to a minute. It is doing every few minutes or so non stop. It is making me very unproductive. It has never done this before but now it does it on all my projects. Wonder if it is a video card issue. I have latest drivers.

Blender 2.79b and latest daily build. Windows 7. Polaris Pro Duo AMD GPU. Dual E5 2660 V3 CPUs 96 GB ram

Might want to check the Windows Event Viewer and see if there’s something going on like the video driver crashing and restarting.

I updated from 2.78 to 2.79 and so far that seems to have done the trick for me.

Deleting the app and re-downloading it might be worth a shot if it continues.

The event viewer did not show any video driver errors.


Also, it only does it with Blender.