Blender Know-nothings >:-(

Don’t you absolutly hate it when someone looks at a game/movie that you’ve made and says, “Good grief! What’s up with the (anything)? It looks stupid!” Or even worse, “You should do (insert somethign impossibly difficult). That would be cool!”

Anyone have any really good techniques for making these people realize that computer graphics is one of the hardest and most challenging fields to work in? I’ve already told them to try making a game themselves.

It’s tough when talking about this subject, but please no foul language!

i say, “it took me <however long> to do this!” or “here, you do it.” %| i also hate it when people are watching me do somthing, then the suddenly go"wait, move that up" or somthing, when im in the proccess of doing it. and i rarely show WIPs to people(actualy, my dad is an exception. he understands CG).

try counting to 10 in your mind, it helps. Also, if you will explode on the person, it won’t be bothering you anymore with their clueless advices… eee but… it’s not the thing you want, do you? I would personally gey used to them, because they have something, that we don’t have: an ability to critiicise the whole, without understanding the matter. They are the best to criticise anything because they look at different things (compared to us)


If it is a client, and the communication is via email, I find this approach very helpful:

JP:N9, that’s great :D. I’ll start to use this at work…

this person is just giving his/her opinion.

He doesn’t need to know how to do better do say it can or how it can get better.

Better this kind of people than someone who always say your york is nice just to make you happy.

good sound advice is don’t listen to:

beginner critics

always listen to:

warriorX even if it is harsh - he has your interests in mind
admins, moderators, and advanced users - they all know what they are talking about and can usually remember how it fealt to be like you…

never look at:
bad work
stupid work
kansas_15 work
and in the case of kansas_15 - user posts to determine advanced users!

keep with that and always look to see if they have ever done something better before snapping at them…usually they haven’t and they are just trying to belittle them…

best adviced:


good luck with blender!


luckily everyone I’ve ever shown my stuff to(in person) has never said anything bad about it.
It could be due to me being 6’5 and taller than all ye short folk. But I doubt it :smiley:

Heck, even ppl on here don’t comment too much on my junk. Either I’m that darn spiffy, or no one really cares. I like the last option in that.

And as for Kansas_15… I would probably listen to him if he gave good advice. Or maybe just started pumping out tons of fantastic work. Then maybe a “looks good but needs better lighting” comment might mean something. maybe… haha

You just downed yourself to the ranks of shame Prince, I once regarded you as a great artist and you were one of the better people on this board. One who gave good notes to everyone…Now…

puts prince on the list of corrupted people

Sorry prince, but you just blew it with me.

Prince, I no longer regard you as a nice person, you’re now just as low or even lower then X-warrior, you want to be the lowest person with me on this board I think not. Pony up or I will regard you as less then X-warrior.
You don’t want that to happen, you can be a good person don’t wreck it now.

whenever I show my work to non-CG friends, some of them just say “wow that looks wonderful” and some of them compile a page of grievances. Most of the time, I find their complaints to be useful. Don’t take their complaints as personal attacks (cough and don’t make personal attacks cough) and it will help you improve. After all, most of them mean well. And remember, nothing is impossible in blender. Name just about anything and there are ways to hack it.

Kansas, you gotta admits that’s funny.
I’d take it in good spirit. One of the best lessons I ever learned was how to laugh at my self. Let people talk. If you do right by them then hopfully what they say about you will be good. If it isn’t, then it will stand in contrast to your actions, and people will know if it really true.

He can get off the list too you know.

'scuse me, but are you on a mission from God or something? Do you really think that you have any credibility here that should make anyone care about your ‘list’. Furthermore your categorization of people into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ slots betrays a simplistic view of the world that is almost certainly unhealthy (and theologically incongruent with your professed belief system). Finally I find it scary the way you are going about judging people. I don’t have a problem with judging the actions and behavior of others, however you are pronouncing judgment upon people in an almost God like manner. Your ‘list’ and how you maintain it makes it seem like you view it along the same lines as ‘the book of life’ mentioned in the Bible(?), a pretense that borders on hubris. Perhaps I am going a bit far with that last one, but I dont think so.

To be quite frank your demenor is getting quite disturbing. I suggested you get help when you were banned the last time, and that sort of thing dosn’t go away overnight.



Thats freaking great!


Gentlebeings, there’s a whole lot of name-calling going on all of the sudden, and it isn’t making any of you look good :x … So shall we puh-leeuze apply this bandwidth to other purposes? :-?

Speaking to the original comment… as Stephen Sondheim put it, “the art of making art is putting it together.” No one will ever understand nor appreciate how hard it is, nor how hard you worked to master what you do so “effortlessly.” But you’ll always be better off when they do think that it’s somehow “effortless,” because otherwise they begin to worry if you can [still] do it at all. So, be the duck (“calm and collected on the surface; underneath, paddle like hell”) and smile and thank everybody but your next door neighbor’s housecat at the Oscars ceremony. :smiley: After all, it’s expected.

Clean3D, try to remember that you are being compared to everything that the person offering crits has ever seen done with 3D. This includes Shrek, Nemo, Final Fantasy etc. If you can honestly say to yourself that you are delivering better quality than the major studios than you can take the clients criticism negatively. Otherwise try to see their point.

Also try to see their point of view. What’s the level of education? Have they ever put a project together before? How big is the check? If they are just evil flame throwing little children do you really need to listen to them? Understanding your audience is crucial to delivering the content that will pay off.

Anyway, my 2p. What’d you think?

Excuse me, I seem to have made my post unclear. I have absolutly no problem with criticism. I think it’s very useful and necesarry for good CG.

The persons I am referring to are heckelers who critique your work unnecesarily harsh just to annoy the heck out of you.

To put it differently, they critique a picture because it’s not a movie.

I understand what you mean. But it’s not really their fault that these “critics” don’t understand how difficult it all is.

I’ve also discovered that most people are humbled when I show them how I’ve made a project. Though this usually stops the “that’s cool but…” comments, it also gets rid of the more constructive crticism. So the best thing to do is just deal with it and improve your skills so that next time they suggest something extremely difficult, you’ll be able to deliver it without having to give up on school and any remnants of a social life. :wink:

I’m think I’m going to just write all critique down and then (when I’m feeling like correcting things) go down it like a check list and decide which suggestions are just ridiculus and which ones are cool. That should help with the annoyance a bit.