Blender lagging like mad

So recently, Blender has been lagging MASSIVELY when animations are played in the BGE. I have no idea why, I know its not because of my graphics card. It started happening with my HD 7750, then I upgraded to a HD 7850 and it still lags. I have NO IDEA what is causing it. I’ve put on the Framerate and profile overlay and noticed that when animations are played for some reason the Rasterizer shoots up to around 30ms(80%). I’ve reinstalled Blender many times, with no avail. Any and all help will be appreciated!

Also, before anyone asks, yes, my drivers are updated.

Does this only happen with a specific blend file, or with any file (even the default cube scene)?

Disable vsync and double-check your readings.

It happens with any file.

Vsync was never on to begin with.

Have you tried using the BGE Vertex Deformer as opposed to the Blender one? This can be changed in the Armature Properties. If animations are killing your time in the Rasterizer, that means that deforming the armatures is what’s killing your performance.

I think we need to start separating limbs and animate them with empties! Armature deforms su(k.

That’s not the issue. If that was the case then Blender would have been lagging a long time ago. But it has only started recently.

EDIT: It turns out you were right. The issue was that I had used the subsurf modifier on an animated object but I hadn’t applied the modifier. Thanks for the help.