Blender Lags at 1.5 Million Polys

So I recently switched to a new computer from my old and out dated laptop. The specs of my new computer are :

Cpu: AMD FX™-6100 Six-Core Processor
Ram: 8.2gb
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Video Card: GeForce GTX 550 Ti

I start lagging when I have around 300k polys but the lag becomes un-bearable at around 1.5million. This is exactly what happend on my old out dated laptop. I also have zBrush downloaded and with it I was able to reach 11million polys without the slightest drop in FPS. Btw yes I got the 64bit version of blender. So can anyone tell me whats going on?

Your mileage may vary - a friend of mine has a powerful Asus laptop with high-end Nvidia graphics, and for him even turning off double-sided lighting did not really improve his experience. Hopefully the GSOC viewport project will resolve this a bit.

powerfull and Asus and Laptop…hmmmm I never have seen this combination…I have see
Asus and Laptop or
Slow and Asus and Laptop or
Crappy and Asus and Laptop…
sorry I am not ripping on you or your friend…I am however ripping on Asus…they have in the past made some good components MOBO’s and video cards, but I have yet to have seen them put those components together correctly and or with the correct drivers.

Problem here is people are comparing the poly handling in sculpt mode with that of edit mode. Blender suffers in edit mode, and you can see that at a threshold of about 200k-300k, so you are not the only one. In object mode and sculpt mode, the slow down isn’t all that significant, and you are able to tumble or manipulate meshes of 1-2 million polys well. I’m assuming that it’s because the mesh is evaluated differently in these modes.

With a CT scan converted into an STL and then into a Blender object with well over a million polys, Blender in object mode worked rather quickly, but in edit mode… forget it. Modo was slightly better, but not much. LightWave better than Modo surprisingly, and 3DS Max, well it was the winner by leaps and bounds over all of the rest.

In all of these cases, it is how the mesh is evaluated and sent through the CPU. I’m using a quad core i7 hyper threaded, and if it’s going to crawl there is nothing you can do about it. (it is important to note that I have an ATi/AMD vid card, so 3DS Max isn’t really using my non nVidia GPU for evaluation of any kind.)

Bottom line. Blender needs much improvement in poly handling. But with the rate of development of new features over usability continuing to rise, who knows when this will be addressed, as well as all of the other things that should be worked on and finalized?

You’re right. The user never said they were in sculpt mode. I assumed that. Probably because ZBrush was mentioned.
Sculpt mode has been optimized [to an extent] and uses different code than other modes. So to sum up… you can tweak sculpt mode but TS for normal viewport performance until THIS goes to trunk.